Keep Neighborhoods Safe

Safety is a necessity to a stable community. It is essential to restore confidence in the safety of our schools. This is vital if we want to continue to attract vibrant young families considering a move to Coral Springs. It is just as important to protect the seniors and current residents who have contributed so much to our community.  We need to support our outstanding first responders with the safest equipment and highest level of training, giving our officers the resources they need to keep us safe. Our award-winning Police and Fire departments should attract, recruit and retain the highest-quality talent in order to uphold the utmost possible standards of conduct. Investment in recruiting from the minority community, especially women, African Americans and Latinos will lend our Police and Fire departments to reflect the diversity of the community it serves.

Smart Growth and Business Recovery

Coral Springs is not immune to the economic impact of recent events. Further exploring state and county grant opportunities can get businesses back on a stronger footing while moving forward with our Downtown development. The completion of the Cornerstone Project will anchor the second phase of the development of “Downtown”. Once completed, this will provide a blueprint for the additional enhancements on the NE and NW corners, allowing for the future expansion of new projects, keeping Coral Springs active and thriving. We need to shore up the future success of local businesses.  We can begin by reviewing the options of modifying regulatory hurdles for homeowners and small business owners.

Improve Park & Neighborhood Aesthetics

One of the things that first attracted me to the City was the uniformed beauty of our neighborhoods and shared public spaces. As our City ages, parts of the City have begun to lose their luster. Our neighborhoods are starting to show their wear and tear. Our City’s codes are in place to maintain these aesthetics. Through education and flexible implementation, and with a goal of cooperative compliance, we can educate our residents and business owner son the benefits that these code requirements bring to their neighborhoods. This in turn will enhance property values making it more appealing to new homebuyers to select Coral Springs as the inclusive, creative, and diverse resident-centered community where they too want to live, work, raise their families…and eventually retire.

Preservation of the environment is very important to my campaign. Although we will continue to grow as a community, it cannot be to the detriment of our environment. As the City continues to plan for the future, it is critical that the impact on our environment remains as minimal as possible, preserving it for future generations.

Fiscal Responsibility

As someone who is fiscally conscious and anticipating tight budgets, I want to ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely. After all, it is your hard-earned tax dollars that need to be put to work responsibly and effectively.

Maintaining a balanced budget, along with seeking cost reductions in operations, and finding ways of reducing our debt service as well as expanding the pursuit of grant opportunities, will help us achieve and maintain financial stability. Our financial plan must continue to maintain a balance that meets the needs of the community in a fiscally minded way while providing an award-winning level of public safety and an expansive recreational program through our many public parks and green areas, maintaining the quality of life we have come to expect in Coral Springs. To keep resources flowing to these critical areas would be a strong focus of my role as a City commissioner. I would benchmark against similar-sized cities to understand their approaches to dealing with these uncertain financial times.